Caught in the light

Wonderful and soothing. Ministry of Animals has the coolest drawings. Spider webs appear so delicate and yet they hold on tight.

Ministry of Animals

fairy rose to tea

a sacred laundry

hung by a new ancient grandmother

rose web

dew drops dry in the sun.

we are all dressed in the web of life.

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Dreams of Catching Rain

Rain comes when the blue sky goes to grey and releases that weight it has been carrying.
Ditch the umbrella and welcome the clouds. Feel drops trickle off your skin.
Walk through puddles! Water is precious that can always be recycled.
Love this decorative barrel idea to Catch the Rain….and if you’re lucky, a rainbow might follow.

painted rain barrel

painted rain barrel


For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; audreyhepburn1


Dreams of Elegance & 007

Weekends are made for living in decadence and having a beautiful sweet dessert. Come to discover that this pink lady below is referred to as a “dessert junket”.  Looks like scrumptious vanilla bean pudding to me and it is!  How easy to make for a dinner party or quiet evening at home. Elegant martini glasses chilled-with pudding or custard topped with petals. You can add fresh berries, vodka or kahlua for sure!
Shaken….not stirred Mr. Bond?


Go savor your favorite culinary delicacy. Good food means good soul.


Dreams of Florence & Cappuccino ☕

The outdoor cafes of Europe are so romantic, especially to those living off the grid or off dirt roads of America. Cafés are a way of life for Europeans. The gathering place for the village to people watch and dream of being in a Federico Fellini movie.

The true Barista is an artisan of espresso beans, hot water, and milk! They must delicately steam the milk to perfection so froth of lofty peaks can sit a top fresh shots of espresso. Then they create designs on a dissipating canvas.  To feel elegant on display in a piazza in Florence with you is my cappuccino dream.




For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.  Audrey Hepburn

Hear Instead of Listen☮

Where do you start when describing how music can make you feel. I had never really explored this visionary talent known as Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, except the one or two songs on mainstream radio. I couldn’t believe my ears and subsequently tears. This excerpt from a song called, I See Monsters, isn’t done justice without Ryan’s vocals and haunting guitar but you’ll see a glimpse of his lyrical mind.

Sometimes in our crazy lives, we need to truly hear our loved ones instead of just listen.

♬ Baferriswheelby I know you cannot hear me now, Cuz you’re fast asleep

But I love you now. Colors inside your head go spinning round

Like a ferris wheel, exploding and falling to the ground

People are screaming people are freaking

I’m staring at the ceiling, waiting for the feeling

When she comes I know that she’s the one

Makes me want it harder, makes me wanna be a little stronger

Still I see monsters.



♥ ☮